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Your events to communicate

Training sessions, colloquiums, conferences, galas, competitions, and—more generally—all the events in which a company participates are great opportunities to communicate.

In addition to ensuring first-rate event video production that will let you keep the memory of a special moment intact, our team captures relevant images that will be able to be used in video edits that are in line with the spirit of your communication strategy.

If you want to put your event in the forefront, you can also use the Live hosting services offered by your social media communities. The audiovisual recording clips let you publicize the event and—since Live broadcasts enjoy high virality—make it even more visible. A promotional video extracted from the film can also help promote the event.

Your tailor-made video

To offer you a video completely in your image, we organize preparatory meetings to define the goals and the distribution strategy to adopt with you. We make available to you on site all the necessary equipment as well as a team of professionals responsible for filming the entire event and taking photos.

From the film created during the event, we select key passages to assemble a relevant clip that faithfully reproduces the atmosphere of this special moment and adds information specific to your communication strategy: for example, we can insert the date and place of the event if it’s an invitation video, place a clickable link to invite the targeted people to sign up, or add testimonials.

Clips from the video can also be used before, during, and after the event, particularly to publicize it, share the atmosphere present on site, or announce a new, upcoming program

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Much more than a video of your event

It’s even possible to use the Facebook Live video services and create live content to interact with the targeted people in real time, in particular by bringing them answers to the questions that they are asking about the event. Thanks to this effective marketing tool, you increase your traffic and—consequently—your visibility.

In addition to the video editing of the entire event, we can also develop a promotional video from an event recording. Based on the expectations that you expressed during the preparatory meetings and our experience, we use computer graphics and text animation to develop a film that is faithful to your image and that highlights the messages that you want to convey.

An initial version of the edit is submitted to you, and once the corrections have been made, we send the final videos in the desired media and formats.