The team of our video production company

Mathieu LeBlanc


Charismatic by birth and a leader by nature, Mathieu LeBlanc is the founder and leader of the pack of Productions Arborescence. We can no longer count the strings in his bow: entrepreneur, certified instructor, drone pilot, culinary creator, globetrotter… It’s no surprise that one of his greatest sources of inspiration is Anthony Bourdain.
A specialist in the creation and production of corporate videos for 15 years now, he is someone who approaches life with a great deal of creativity and passion. Someone who coaches others with his infectious energy and know-how, even when the hours of sleep are sometimes lacking.

Julie Tremblay

Production manager

Although there are hundreds of Julie Tremblays across the province, there’s really only one like her. An experienced intrapreneur, our Julie managed her own video production company for 15 years before putting her shoulders to the wheel for Arborescence. She loves taking on new challenges and is invested in one mission: to make Arborescence THE benchmark in video production and animation in Montreal!

Jérémie Carvalho


Jérémie’s charm never fails to impress. Reserved and sensible, he surprises but never clashes. Boasting a general knowledge that makes his millennial equals blush, he still doesn’t know what a selfie is: too busy tackling existential questions and continuing his quest to regain his innocence. His shelf converted into a pantry is always lined with healthy and nutritious foods that testify to his concern for choosing good habits. Generous, he won’t hesitate to share a piece of 90% cocoa.

A striking sensibility, an artistic eye that detects beauty in all its forms, he possesses qualities that make him an exceptional editor.

Dany Nadeau

Graphic animator

Don’t be fooled by his discretion: Dany is a calm yet blazing fire. His passion for graphic animation is matched only by his thirst for unleashed guitar solos and rock music.
The latest player to date to have joined our ranks, his compositions always show great creativity and profound originality, which are obviously supported by his 15 years of experience with After Effect. Boasting an extraordinary imagination, he always has the idea that others buy. We’re happy that he thinks outside the box for our box.

Éric Proulx


A director, cameraman, and editor for 20 years, Éric possesses all the assets required for production projects both large and small. Boasting several years of experience in the field, his creativity and efficiency give him an implacable advantage in the market. In addition, for more than two years, Éric has been called upon in all four corners of Québec to produce virtual reality (VR) and 360˚ videos. Éric and Mathieu are inseparable associates; they have worked together for 20 years and directed various creative projects, such as cultural television programs for broadcasters