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Video production

It is a question of brand image.

Corporate and advertising video production is a powerful marketing tool. Since the number of social media networks is growing steadily every day, it has become increasingly important for companies to stand out.

These videos increase the engagement people have with your brand, enhance your branding, and allow you to better reach your target. Thanks to our expertise, you will be able to promote your brand expression and improve your organizational communications.


The efficiency of social media networks. 

Publishing and sharing quality video content on social media platforms is an ideal solution for:

  • Introducing a new service or product
  •  Advertising your promotions
  • Developing your brand image
  • Bringing your ideas to life

At Productions Arborescence, we offer many custom-made production services under the same roof. Our objective? To offer you a complete personalized service to help you stand out and increase your visibility.


Know your audience 

Corporate videos, or institutional films, are there to inform. It is therefore imperative that the video contains all the information relating to the product, service, or your company.

Moreover, it is essential to know your target audience before you start producing your videos. Therefore, we strongly recommend you do research on your current and potential customers to properly get your message across.


Our experts will support you every step of the way

You can also create a first draft of a script; our production experts will offer you sound advice to produce a video adapted to your brand image and the message you wish to send out.

These crucial steps will allow you to strengthen your brand image and reach as many people as possible in your target audience.

To produce a quality promotional or advertising video, there are many elements to consider. Here are the steps of the production process to create a video adapted to your advertising or promotional message: 

  1. The first step is to identify the purpose of the message. What is the message you’d like to send to your customers? Who are you targeting with this commercial? Your video production must primarily rely on this data.
  2. Once you have found your audience and the tone of the message, plan a budget.
  3. Once the budget is set, it is time to move on to the design stage. Our studio will help you develop a script adapted to your advertising or promotional message thanks to the expertise of our artistic director. This step ends the pre-production part.
  4. When the script is accepted, we then move on to the production stage. It is at this stage that we carefully plan the production details to carry out your project according to the rules of the art. We evaluate and analyze your needs to find the best technical, financial, and human solutions to produce your video.
  5. When all the details have been reviewed and accepted, we then move on to filming your audiovisual production.
  6. Finally, the post-production stage. It is at this stage that our seasoned professional editors create the dynamic editing of your message. In addition to the editing, we integrate the narration of the music and the elements of graphic animation and motion design such as special effects. We also study the colorimetry and the calibration of the images, then work on the sound design.


The Essentials of Professional Video Production

The importance of the director

There are many parameters to consider when making a professional production. For example, the quality of the image, the sound, the editing and of course, the expertise of team members who worked on the production.

To make a professional production, it is also necessary to have a director, because he/she is the one who leads the team and who ensures the quality of the production.

Other essential members

Besides the director, the director of photography is another important member of the video production team. They collaborate with the director and can take care of the lighting and the framing. You will also need a:

  • Sound engineer
  • Actors and/or animators
  • Scriptwriter
  • Account Manager
  • Project coordinator
  • Producer


Location scouting

The Productions Arborescence team of video production specialists starts by going to the filming location to install the lighting and the cameras. The director then takes the time to explain how the shooting will proceed.

If it is a video interview, the director takes the necessary time to discuss the questions that will be asked during the interview before the recording. We also offer to rent our studio for recording, but we can also shoot indoors, outdoors or in your offices, depending on your preferences.


Making sure the teams are at ease

In the week before shooting, everyone involved in the production receives a complete document. This document confirms the date, time and location of the film set. We also offer some useful tips such as: do not memorize the answers or bring two choices of clothing.

Before we start filming, we make sure everyone in front of the camera is comfortable. We then take the time to do several takes to obtain a natural result that highlights the actors or animators selected or the internal representatives.

The green screen is ideal for creating a scene perfectly adapted to your video, without necessarily having to leave the studio. For example, a travel agency that makes a promotional video about traveling in the South. The use of the green background makes it possible to replace it with a backdrop of white sand beach, blue sky, and palm trees at the post-production stage.

No need to travel to Mexico to film your production. You can therefore choose an image, a video, or the desired visual effects to represent your desired location.

Complete production services

We offer a full production service. Our team has the necessary expertise and experience in the field to offer you 100% original concepts for your corporate, advertising, and promotional videos.


Productions Arborescence will accompany you during all the stages of the project. We start by assessing with you the type of video that is best suited for your production needs. Our team of experts is flexible and always has a solution mode mentality!


A detailed strategy

Our service also includes identifying the purpose of the message, the audience and where this message will be broadcast. Then, our experts will collaborate with you to review the shape, tone, and result of your video.


We also draw up a pictorial plan that illustrates the artistic approach of your video. In this plan, we include all the details regarding your video's distribution strategy and concept information. If you have a specific idea in mind, we do everything in our power to bring it to life.

The D.O.P is the director of photography. They are an important member of the production, as they are responsible for the camerawork during filming. The D.O.P works in close collaboration with the director, and they are also responsible for the aesthetics and the lighting. It is also the D.O.P who directs the lighting designers to properly place the projectors and accessories.


The D.O.P also selects the most suitable camera shots and lighting for the scene so they can get the best pictures possible.


Need information on our video production service? Contact Productions Arborescence today. We will be delighted to bring your advertising and corporate video projects to life.

Graphic animation

The motion design or graphic animation is the animation of graphic elements which bring your video to life. At Productions Arborescence, our graphic designers create custom made graphic elements that will later be animated. There are multiple uses such as illustrating results, animating your logo, enhancing information, adding information, or simply visually enhancing a video so it could stand out. We will send you a detailed storyboard which will allow you to have a fair idea of the project before it is finalized. 

The integration of motion design helps to make any presentation livelier and more aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, graphic animation allows us to use the company's graphic charter and it also helps us harmonize the project in its image. 

Motion design is commonly used for mobile applications, website interfaces as well as advertising messages, especially on social media. In addition, it makes it possible to present the results of a study, a poll, or a report in a dynamic, understandable, and striking way.

 Furthermore, if you'd like to learn and acquire technical skills in graphic animation or improve your knowledge, we offer a range of training courses that might suit your needs. 

Yes! Our graphic designers can create exclusive and personalized graphic elements that suit your brand image which can later be animated or not. We can also animate your logo and any other graphic element. Besides, we can add a narrative voice in our studio. We can also take care of the selection of the actors and the production in collaboration with the UDA (Union des artistes), the official organization representing actors in Quebec.

Absolutely! Graphic animation makes it easy to communicate complex information and helps to make it interesting.


Webcasting is the broadcasting of audiovisual content on the internet. A company can use it to share messages, information, advice, or courses via several channels: websites, YouTube, social media platforms or blogs. The broadcasting can be done via streaming (live or delayed) or by downloading the content.

Depending on your wishes and budget, you can choose to record the content using one or several cameras, to transmit all or part of the video of the event and to interact or not with your audience.

It is a powerful communication technique via the Internet. It allows you to promote a product or a service, or to provide online training.

It can also be used to broadcast concerts, seminars, conferences, or companies' general meetings therefore allowing an audience to experience the event remotely.

We can broadcast pre-recorded videos, web pages, PowerPoint presentations, video conferences (Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, and others) and much more during your webcast. We will find solutions to most of the challenges!

It is also possible to broadcast a video on several platforms simultaneously. We make sure that the bandwidth is sufficient, regardless of the location of the recording and the broadcast. Based on our experience, it is always better to broadcast a video on one platform at a time so we could bring the audience in one place.

Finally, we can also add “supers”. In the television industry, a “super” is an overlay of two images or two visual contents which allow to have the name and the title of the speaker.

Once you have registered on our platform, we may collect your email. As a matter of fact, we can add several boxes to collect different data such as names, surnames, organizations, etc. It is also possible to calculate a participant's viewing time.

For example, at annual general meetings (AGM), we use Zoom and its polling feature for votes. Moreover, Zoom allows us to know who has voted. We can oversee the management of the votes and of the accesses.

Depending on the platform you are using, people may also sign up. We have our own platform where people can register. We recommend for the registration to be as simple as possible, so you do not lose your audience.

We could recommend different platforms depending on your needs. Do not hesitate!

We can broadcast pre-recorded videos, web pages, PowerPoint presentations, video conferences (Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, and others) and much more during your webcast. We will find solutions to most of the challenges!

It is also possible to broadcast a video on several platforms simultaneously. We make sure that the bandwidth is sufficient, regardless of the location of the recording and the broadcast. Based on our experience, it is always better to broadcast a video on one platform at a time so we could bring the audience in one place.

Finally, we can also add “supers”. In the television industry, a “super” is an overlay of two images or two visual contents which allow to have the name and the title of the speaker.

Usually, we send a login link to your communications team so they can share it with your audience. For example, on our platform, we can add a password or restrict access to certain specific emails.

Live webcasting is broadcasting in the present moment (in real time) and delayed webcasting broadcasts videos that have already been recorded.

Broadcasting live allows a direct interaction with the audience since the person being recorded is present and can answer questions. Live broadcasting can sometimes cause some anxiety for the person being recorded since they are standing in front of the audience in real time and they have, unfortunately, in a way, no possible margin for error.

Delayed webcasting makes it possible to re-edit and edit content, then broadcast that content at the appropriate time. The risk of error is therefore nil.

Hybrid events, which have become popular lately, take place partly in person and partly remotely. We can take care of the technical operations in the room, i.e., projection, sound, and recording, as well as the technical operations happening online during the webcast.

People following the webcast remotely and those on set can easily communicate with each other. We can also send questions through a chat box or through Slido, for example, which is an interactive platform for online polls and questions.

We often record AGMs. We can use several platforms, depending on the needs, but we usually favor Zoom and its virtual hand-raising feature to support decisions, as well as the Poll feature for the voting.


At Productions Arborescence, we offer courses on different editing software, each of which has its own particularities:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud has a vast array of applications for creating, designing, developing, and publishing interactive images, videos, and audio content. It can be used for print, web, and mobile applications.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the most used editing software because it is easy to use and integrates well with all Adobe suite software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.
  • After-Effects is a professional software that creates visual effects and animated composition. We use it to make motion graphics. It also offers a wide range of tools (filters, layers, pixel tracking, etc.).
  • The less expensive Final Cut Pro X is quite powerful and relatively simple to use.
  • DaVinci Resolve from Blackmagic Design is an intuitive software and its basic version is free. It is the most widely used software for colorizing video images. In the world of cinema, this practice is called color grading. 

It can always be useful to take a course in editing so you can make professional-quality edits and animations that add rhythm to a film or video. For example, your event recordings will attract attention and will get the public’s attention when you use a dynamic and well thought out editing process.

Regarding video editing, we offer modules on Adobe video editing software at different levels:

  • Software introduction
  • Editing essentials
  • In-depth video editing
  • Advanced training

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, we will be able to adapt to match your needs and we will help you improve your skills effectively.

Yes. In addition to being certified Adobe Expert (ACE) in post-production software from the Adobe suite (Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop), our company has been granted an approval certification by the Commission des Partenaires du Marché du Travail. The various training courses from beginner to expert levels are recognized for being complete, relevant, and personalized, as well as for allowing the acquisition and development of various skills. The courses are updated every year, to allow the changes of the new versions to be applied. 


Yes, absolutely! We will gladly rent to you our professional filming studio for several days without any problem. As for the price, it varies according to your needs. Each project requiring the rental of our studio is unique and many criteria may influence the cost.

To find out how much your rental will cost and how you can fully benefit from it, we invite you to contact Productions Arborescence today. An experienced member of our team will take your call and give you all the rental information according to your needs.

Of course. Our team of specialists is at your disposal whenever you need them. Productions Arborescence has a complete team of multidisciplinary professionals and collaborates with many experts from the production field such as: 

  • Content creators
  • Producers
  • Managers
  • Audiovisual technicians
  • Editors
  • Graphic animators
  • Art directors
  • Experienced cameramen
  • Sound engineers
  • Lighting designers
  • Directors
  • Makeup artists

Do not hesitate to discuss your project with our team. We are here to offer you a studio rental that perfectly meets your production needs.

Yes! Our studio is 100%, fully equipped. You will have access to the equipment and our team of specialists! Therefore, we offer you, according to your needs, the support of our team of experienced technicians and the rental of our equipment in part or in whole. You can also choose to use your own equipment if you wish. 

Our studio has state-of-the-art production equipment. Among our high-end equipment, you will find everything you need to produce video production or broadcast quality digital content such as: 

  • Cameras
  • Microphones
  • A lighting system
  • Various sets
  • Many desktop and laptop computers
  • Screens for making presentations
  • A video mixing console
  • Equipment for sound mixing
  • A technical board

Want to suggest another question? Let us know!