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2D, 3D and motion design in Montreal

2D and 3D motion design

2D and 3D animation make videos irresistible. 2D animation, which is defined as the creation of two-dimensional objects and characters, shows width and height. As for 3D animation, it adds elements of volume to a virtual world. We do both, and we’re masters at them!

Both sorts of animation have the same goals: simplify a message, accentuate important elements, make complex concepts accessible, show the results of a survey, study or report, etc. Fun 2D and 3D animations also astonish or charm viewers, and add a little pep to your video.

They are used more and more in animated films, corporate, advertising and training videos, video games, etc. This isn’t a surprise, because they increase viewer conversion rates. Animated videos could have a significant effect on your target audience! Our Montréal animation studio will make sure of it.

Graphic animation or motion design

Graphic animation or motion design is the art of animating graphic elements like pictograms, photos, illustrations, logos and so on. It adds an attractive (and intelligent) finishing touch to captured videos images, making it easier to understand technical or scientific concepts and adding movement that the eye can perceive. It can also be used to design a video made up entirely of moving graphic elements.

The experts in our Montréal animation studio will make your digital content more lively and original, while maintaining your graphic identity. You’ll obtain a one-of-a-kind video that carries a strong message and bears your stamp!

We also create Web or HMTL5 banners and animated GIFs for online advertising campaigns. Your messages will be expressed in coherent, effective digital ads and videos.

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Graphic design

2D and 3D animation and graphic animation (motion design) are based on graphic elements that already exist or are created specifically for the purpose. The team in our Montréal animation studio will listen closely and look carefully to understand your communication goals. Then it will sketch detailed visuals that meet your needs.

Our graphic designers will work from the storyboard you approve. They’ll bring to life the elements that already inspire you, whether on paper or on screen. Choose graphic design in harmony with your brand image, and your project will definitely turn out to be a unique composition. It’s an excellent way to stand out!

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Frequently asked questions

The motion design or graphic animation is the animation of graphic elements which bring your video to life. At Productions Arborescence, our graphic designers create custom made graphic elements that will later be animated. There are multiple uses such as illustrating results, animating your logo, enhancing information, adding information, or simply visually enhancing a video so it could stand out. We will send you a detailed storyboard which will allow you to have a fair idea of the project before it is finalized. 

The integration of motion design helps to make any presentation livelier and more aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, graphic animation allows us to use the company's graphic charter and it also helps us harmonize the project in its image. 

Motion design is commonly used for mobile applications, website interfaces as well as advertising messages, especially on social media. In addition, it makes it possible to present the results of a study, a poll, or a report in a dynamic, understandable, and striking way.

 Furthermore, if you'd like to learn and acquire technical skills in graphic animation or improve your knowledge, we offer a range of training courses that might suit your needs. 

Yes! Our graphic designers can create exclusive and personalized graphic elements that suit your brand image which can later be animated or not. We can also animate your logo and any other graphic element. Besides, we can add a narrative voice in our studio. We can also take care of the selection of the actors and the production in collaboration with the UDA (Union des artistes), the official organization representing actors in Quebec.

Absolutely! Graphic animation makes it easy to communicate complex information and helps to make it interesting.

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