Promotional and Advertising
Video Production in Montreal

How to overcome advertising’s intrusive side?

The solution involves creating thoughtful and relevant scripts and distribution plans.

The commercial must tell a story an anecdote or an experience directly related to the service or product. The time when the product’s or service’s qualities were touted, or even compared to competing products and services, is abolished. And it’s very good for creativity!

Promotional video, thanks to storytelling, borrows the art of narration and storytelling from fiction and cinema and leads to the product’s or service’s discovery in a roundabout way, if not poetic.The spectator is taken by the story and his curiosity and interest will lead him to the end of the clip and will make him discover the product or service in another aspect. 

The advertising spot and the promotional video must also borrow its strong narrative power from the comic strip which must in each image tell a coherent story, give information and arouse the interest and desire to see more. The succession of strong and captivating shots makes the prospect more willing to watch the clip to the end and thus hear the marketing message. 

The stake is for the spectator to have a good time and thus associate a positive and pleasant experience with your product or service.

Productions Arborescence mobilizes the professional video production teams necessary to create this message!

Strategic planning and production management

Our company monitors your corporate video’s production, from its conception to its distribution, including video editing services.

During the promotional video project’s preparation, every detail counts and it’s necessary to define complete and precise specifications with you beforehand. Our team will assist you in defining and promoting the message by defining:

  • your product’s market positioning,
  • your promotion objectives,
  • your challenges,
  • targets and prospects,
  • the message to deliver,
  • the graphic style and tone of the clip,

And of course by taking stock of your available resources and financial means.

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Production and postproduction

Quality upstream preparation is the key to a successful promotional video, even if it may seem time-consuming and tedious.

Thus, to make the message as coherent and clear as possible, it’s necessary to respect and devote the time necessary to the preparation and achievement of the four production stages:

  • preparation, storytelling and story board,
  • filming,
  • post-production image and sound,
  • delivery and posting on distribution platforms.

Productions Arborescence will be able to put its teams’ experience and professionalism at the service of your product’s or service’s enhancement through a captivating story able to effectively deliver your message to the end.

Digital advertising distribution on broadcast channels

Things have evolved with the development of the internet, the proliferation of social networks and distribution media. The very expensive traditional vectors of cinema and television are no longer the only media for broadcasting a promotional or advertising video.

The promotional video interrupting the watched video or forcing your prospects to wait before watching the chosen video on YouTube, for example, can cause at least a certain indifference and at worst annoyance by the general public who tends to simply ignore the ad and click on the terrible “Skip Ads” button.

It is therefore essential to create a promotional video with a tone that meets digital advertising’s  quality criteria. Our team has the necessary experience to guide you through this step.