Video & Audio Editing and
Post-Production Studio in Montreal

Our post-production studio in Montreal

Once the shooting is complete, our editing team will bring your project to life in our post-production studio in Montreal boasting cutting-edge equipment. With our experience in cinema, communication, advertising, motion design, and 2D and 3D animation, we select the best takes, edit the selected images, insert computer graphics effects when necessary, and add soundtracks and sound effects chosen to create a unique atmosphere and a lively film.

By absorbing your graphic identity, our post-production team in Montreal develops a dynamic and original film that conveys your message in a style that is perfectly in line with the culture of your company and that faithfully reflects its image.

Video editing

Video editing is a crucial step in the project that involves viewing the rushes and selecting the best takes in order to assemble them into a coherent, quality film in your image. By adding a touch of rhythm in our post-production studio, we create a dynamic video while making sure to keep the message that you want to convey intact.

With fifteen years of experience, we know how to make the most of the images, create a specific atmosphere, and evoke the desired emotions.

In addition to designing a video capable of passing along the message that you want to convey, we create a fresh, original, and impactful film that lets you stand out from your competitors.

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Audio editing

Much like image editing, audio editing requires meticulous care. Sound effects, narration, and music are used to support the effect produced by the images and reinforce the message conveyed.

Nothing is left to chance: the narration sets the tone, the sound effects accompany the images and strengthen the information communicated, while the music helps create the desired mood.

Thanks to our post-production studio, we have all the resources required to provide you with the most appropriate sound elements for your project. We take care of searching for and selecting them for you, handling licence purchases, and even ordering original compositions if this choice turns out to be the best option for your project.

We create your video in the appropriate formats and strive to ensure a perfect distribution for your project.