Professional video editing service in Montreal

Professional video editing services

Video editing is just as important as shooting images: it is what will give soul to your film, but also rhythm and consistency. This is the part not to be overlooked!

Productions Arborescence is not only a state-of-the-art post-production company. Our expertise and know-how for over 20 years in the design and production of different creative projects allow us to cover all aspects of the business.

We will listen to you to help you define your needs and video content:

  • Movie ad,
  • Presentation of your activity,
  • Recruitment and visibility.
  • Editorial and brand content,
  • etc…

Varied skills

Our company monitors your corporate video’s production, from its conception to its distribution, including video editing services.

Our professions are as varied as is our know-how:

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Our know-how brings your project to life

Corporate video editing doesn’t follow the same rules as advertising video editing. In addition, from the same rushes and the same storyboard, very different films can be created. The editing stage is therefore crucial for your film’s relevance.

Video editing is just as strategic and essential an art as shooting the film itself.

Whether it is for internal or commercial purposes, this post-production stage structures the film’s purpose from the first image to the last image with the sole objective of reaching the target audience.

A film is much more than a succession of images glued end to end by the video editor, it is a complex combination that mixes space and time through relevant choices of images, video and sound effects, transitions and sound for the sole purpose of delivering a coherent and impactful message.


Productions Arborescence offer professional video editing services in Quebec and we are constantly adapting to technology and dissemination media developments. We keep a technological watch and are constantly training to guarantee your project’s success.

Our expertise covers all areas of audiovisual product creation, ranging from design to complete post-production, including filming and graphic animation.

Productions Arborescence puts a creative and multidisciplinary team at your disposal to ensure the expected quality and rendering to offer you a product that meets your needs and fulfills its objectives.